Indoor Growing Technology in Australia

At apnom in Australia, we’re developing indoor growing technology to revolutionise the possibilities for growing food indoors. Contact us to find out more about our work or to express your interest in working with us on this exciting project.

Revolutionary New Growing Solution

Our indoor growing project aims to develop a revolutionary new technology that will enable more people to grow indoors, helping alleviate food shortages, reducing food miles and providing a sustainable source of food for a wide range of people, from families to small businesses.

Grow Without a Garden

Our indoor growing solutions will also be convenient for people without gardens, enabling a higher proportion of our urban populations, who have less outdoor space, to experience the pleasure and convenience of producing their own food and plants.

Growing indoors will become a viable option with new technology brought to you by apnom.

Expressions Of Interest

Contact us today if you’re interested in joining our team to work on this innovative new technology. We’re always looking for talented individuals to add value to our project.

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Find out more about our investment in the future of indoor farming.

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