Energy Generation Start-Up in Australia

apnom is an energy generation start-up in Australia, working on the development of a range of sustainable technologies. Contact us to find out more.

New Discoveries in Agricultural Technology

We are apnom, a company based in Newcastle Australia focusing on two sectors. That of energy generation, transmission and storage, and that of agricultural production. The future holds a worldwide water and food crisis, as well as a further exacerbated electricity crisis.

We believe these sectors have space for us and for disruption to building powerful tools and physical products that we are really proud of. We believe in a future where sustainability does not require compromise.

“Stealth mode”

We are currently in a phase of research and development as well as company development. To protect what we have, we’re laying low until we’re ready to announce our next products.

Contact Us

Contact us by visiting our contacts page and emailing us using the address listed. Attach our expression of interest form for a more comprehensive reply.

Although we are currently in “stealth mode” we will try and reply to queries and questions with as much information as we can.

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