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apnom is an established start-up of sustainable technology developers in Australia. Contact us today to find out more about our latest projects and opportunities.

Sustainable Technology Developers in Australia

At apnom, our development projects include next generation innovation in solar and indoor agriculture. apnom has several alliances with Universities and other partners, and a successful student research internship program, where we develop and nurture new talent.


We are interested to hear from you if you have what it takes to join a dynamic and creative team and want to be involved in our developments and programs. If you are interested, then please let us know through our contacts page.

Growing Indoors

Solar Energy

Our Current Projects

We are currently developing a solar-generating device, or a higher efficiency solar panel. Various versions of this product exist currently but are not as efficient or cost-effective as they need to be to make a real dent in the sustainable energy market. Our aim is to change this with a revolutionary product that will alter the possibilities for solar generation.


Our second major project is in the area of indoor growing and the farming of plants, e.g. lettuce and smaller plants. Indoor growing can produce high yields in a small amount of space, allowing larger households or smaller restaurants to becoming more self-sufficient. We want to make it easy and efficient to grow food indoors, providing a sustainable food source that many people can access.

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